Senior Stylist

Janice has been in the industry for over 20 years and her passion for hair shows through her work.  

Janice is a master colourist and is also certified in great lengths extensions.

From platinum blondes to dark exotic black, Janice can help you achieve your colour goals. She has extensive knowledge and experience with an array of product lines.

Janice continues to grow by keeping up with hair trends and believes in continuing education.

Healthy hair is a priority to Janice, she will work with you to help find what suits you and your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a short trendy cut or a long bouncy look, Janice is diverse in all types of styles and textures.

Her attention to detail and ability to customize each service will have you feeling confident and pampered each time you leave her chair.

Janice hair styler canada
Kaitlynn Salon Stylist


SALON Stylist

Carly has been in the industry for 3 years. She brings a fresh, young, and trendy influence to the salon. She is eager to move forward and learn new techniques on all hair textures. She is passionate about her work, and is excited to expand her knowledge and grow as a stylist. Her kindness and patience is a virtue. She will work with you to achieve your desired look, while providing you with her professional opinion and suggestions. Once you leave Carly’s chair, you will feel pampered and pleased with the results.


Make Up Artist

With 25 years of experience, Anita has a passion for helping others embrace their individual beauty, and feel beautiful inside and out. From natural looks to full on glam, Anita will assess the client’s needs to their satisfaction. 

Cassandra Salon Stylist
Carly Junior Stylist


Senior Stylist

Layla has been in the industry for over 16 years. Her passion for doing hair makes her believe that she was born to be a hairstylist.

She specializes on wide range of colours, highlights, balayage/ombrés, cuts and styles.

Her objective is to see each and every client of hers with healthy and damage free hair before she blows out her ideas and suggestions for each client according to their living style.

With her versatility she could create different and elegant looks to suit best for her clients and she believes nothing is impossible to achieve when it comes to colouring, cutting and styling hair.

She loves creating new and funky looks, her eagerness toward doing hair makes her grow more and more everyday.

Be your own kind of beautiful.


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hair styler canada

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