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Please note that the prices below are subject to change and will vary between stylist. All prices are starting and may vary depending on time involved, length and density of hair.

Cutting & Styling Services
Service Junior Salon Senior
Blow Dry$30 $35 $40
Women's Cut & Styling$55 $65 $70
Men's Cut & Styling $25 $30 $35
Girls 12 & Under$30 $35 $40
Bang Trim$10 $10 $10
Up Do With Rollers $85
Down Do (Blow Dry With Curls)$45 $45 $50
Extension Clip Ins 30 Min (Add On With Down Do)$20 $20 $20
Coloring Services *
Service Junior Salon Senior
Conditioning Treatment$25 $25 $25
Root Touch Up$50+ $70+ $70+
Full Color $70 $80 $100
Accents$40+ $40+ $45+
Partial Highlights$75+ $80+ $90+
Full Highlights$90+ $100+ $120+
Balayage$120+ $130+ $140+
Toner$35+ $40+ $40+
Mens Color$40+ $40+ $45+
* Price varies from each client. We recommend a free consultation before each service.
Chemical Texture Services *
Service Junior Salon Senior
Smoothing System$200+ $300+ $300+
Perms$90+ $95+ $100+
Men's Perms $85 $85 $90
* Price varies from each client. We recommend a free consultation before each service.
Threading Services
Service Price
Threading-Cheeks $15
Threading-Chin $10
Threading-Eyebrows $10
Threading-Upper Lip $10
Threading-Full Face $35
Hair Cut and Style for any length and density of hair for Men, Women and Children.

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During the appointment you will receive a detailed consultation to address your individual needs. After understanding your needs, our stylists will recommend what best suits you. Enjoy a calming massage while receiving your shampoo and conditioning treatment. We complete your look with a professional blowout and finishing style.
For Women whether it be a classic bob, sleek long layers.
For men – professional or playful look.

Blowdry or Set
Have one of our expert stylists take care of you. Blowdry and sets are offered to get you ready for your weekend of events or to make your work week easier. You will leave with perfectly styled hair.


Hair Extensions
We offer Great Lengths 100% human hair extensions. One of the best hair extension systems in the world.

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This beautiful extension system of pre-bonded human hair is giving people the chance to have longer, thicker hair in a matter of hours. Great Lengths adds highlights, length and most importantly thickness! This pre-bonded system attaches to your hair, strand by strand, allowing you to wash and style your new hair as you would your own.

Great Lengths is the most natural looking hair option available today. It’s available in a wide variety of colours, lengths and can be permed to match any type of curl. Whether you’re looking to just add thickness to your present hair style, create longer bangs, grow out a haircut, or get full, long hair, Great Lengths is your option.

Kashmir Hair Botox System – Straightening/Smoothing Treatments
Kashmir Hair Botox System is the best revolutionary hair care anti-aging system.  Be prepared to be amazed by its results.

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Kashmir Hair Botox treatment is a deep conditioning treatment that reconstructs hair, producing frizz-free locks on all hair types and textures. The secret behind Kashmir Hair Botox Treatment is organic microscopic particles, which encourages the absorption of vitamins, antioxidants and proteins to penetrate into the hair, all of which result in remarkable hair quality.

Kashmir Hair Botox treatments are also effective for rehabilitative care as they help fight hair loss. Essential elements like natural acids, powerful antioxidants, Keratin, amino acids and Botox, are powerfully integrated into a formula that strengthens the hair leaving it shiny, smooth and eliminating split ends. Kashmir Hair Botox also works well as a re-constructive treatment as the organic microspheres help minimize and fight hair loss. Coloring, styling and everyday use of heating tools leave hair damaged and almost straw textured, Kashmir Botox for hair leaves hair naturally shiny. With age and lack of treatment, the use of harmful substances causes hair to become dry, discolored and creates split ends. There are a series of Kashmir Hair Botox products for hair care such as mask, shampoo, conditioner and serum ampules, which help rebuilds hair back to health.

Kashmir Hair Botox performs these processes perfectly. Hair and scalp also need the same nutrients as the skin which deplete over the years. Our bodies produce keratin to a lesser degree with age, and no longer able to adsorb mineral and vitamins optimally. By using Kashmir Hair Botox products, you can restore the shine and strength to hair that disappears with age.

Our stylists are trained to use innovative perm technology that creates volume, texture and body while conditioning the hair to create smooth, beautiful waves and curls. This revolutionary perm service allows the flexibility to customize the size of the curls in order to produce anything from beachy waves to bouncy curls.

Colour & Highlights
Our experienced stylists will custom design a colour that will compliment your natural colour or create an entire new look.


What can be more appealing than the calibration of colours and the perfect placement of natural or offset highlights. Let our professionalism shine through as we carefully guide you through our own dimensions

Let our trained staff recommend the perfect accent to your already beautiful natural hair colour.

Half Head Dimensional
Looking to add dimension to your hair, we can add the perfect contrast for an either bold or natural look.

Balayage and Ombre
Our stylists take pride in offering to our customers the latest trends in balayage and ombre. Come see for yourself how we stand out from the rest.

Full color fusion
Perk up your hair colour with an infusion of color that supports your hair from roots to ends be it semi-permanent or permanent

Correctional coloring
Need a new look of colour or just a fix up, our trained & experiences stylists at will make the job look easy.

Hair Shampoo and Conditioning
Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage with our shampoo and deep conditioning service for greasy, dirty or damaged hair.

We love helping our clients get a perfect look for their wedding day or any special events. Nothing feels better then helping our lovely clients feel special, beautiful and confident with a perfect hair.

Our experience make-up artist offers professional make up application whether it is for your special day or events or just a night out. After consulting with you, she will find the right colour and tone that will suite your natural beauty.